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Car Remapping Northampton

Northampton based ECU Remap Specialists

All vehicles manufactured after 1999 are fitted with an onboard computer called an “Electronic Control Unit” (E.C.U). The ECU monitors and controls the ignition timing, fuelling, air intake and boost pressure of an engine, and its parameters are pre-programmed from manufacture.

The program installed by the manufacturer is set to allow for build tolerances into their engines and to over comply with emission standards. It is also set to withstand operation in extreme environments, cope with sub-standard fuel quality found in some countries and allow for some owners’ sub-standard service intervals and driving.

Remapping an ECU will give you more power and better MPG! crazy right? How can you have more power and more MPG? At Broadway, we can custom map your ECU to gain upto 40% and sometimes up to 45% more power and 30% more MPG! With a remap you also get a FREE ECU Diagnostics check!

More Remapping Power!

At Broadway Remapping Northampton we don't just remap your ECU, for example, if you wanted more power, we can advice you on what to do next. Exhaust modifications and Intake modifications will together give you approximately 20% to 30% more power. If you require any car modifications, we recommend Alderley Autos in Northampton. Alderley Autos will carry out any car repairs or modifications to your exhaust or any other modifications you require.

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